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Who We Are

Kevin Dean

Kevin Dean

Owner / President
Kevin has more than 15 years of digital marketing experience.  Our owner and technical leader for SEO and Advertising, he finds the best marketing solutions for your business needs.

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Voted “Best Advertising Agency In Yakima, 2019, 2020, & 2021”

Jacob Ross

Sales / Account Manager
Jacob has over 4 years of sales experience. He excels in customer satisfaction and is pleased to collaborate with any client. Jacob has evident care for his work production.

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Kyle Dean

Marketing Project Manager
Project coordination and support services all wrapped into one - Kyle handles many of our web development projects and social media services within our team.

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Farren Lange

Sales / Account Manager
Farren is an optimistic and enthusiastic sales professional with over 6 years of sales experience. She is passionate about developing and maintaining strong relationships centered on trust with each of her customers.

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Alissa Gutierrez

Marketing Coordinator
With creative and communicative abilities, Alissa works with our client's social media and SEO needs. She assists projects with ease and delivers exceptional content.

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