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3 Ways To Close More Internet Leads


3 Ways To Close More Internet Leads

If you’re struggling to convert your website’s visitors into leads, check out these three tips.

Phone Calls and Messages:
  • Respond professionally
  • Reply happily and professionally
    • Be sure to include your business name, your name, and ask how you can help them
    • Automated responses should be brief
  • Reply to ALL messages within 4 hours
    • Don’t wait. Your customer may look at other opportunities
  • Do not assume they remember calling you
    • Assume they’ve called a number of people besides you
Website Forms:
  • Reply to website forms with an email Autoresponder
    • Make sure it includes your contact info, and that they’ll be contacted by a member of your team shortly. NOT a simple response on your site
  • Add value to your Thank You page and email
    • Such as including a video, photo or download
  • Reply within 4 hours by phone & email
    • Be sure to set the phone number and email address as a mandatory field
  • Lead the submission to a Thank You page for tracking
  • Send links to “landing pages” specific about your topics
    • Do not send links to irrelevant pages or the home page
  • Do not bait and switch
    • Make the landing page relevant!
  • Include a “get more information” call to action form and phone on the page
  • Track open rates and CTR based on topics to find most effective information that interests your lists

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Yakima Branding – February 2023

This blog was written by Kevin Dean