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Concrete Patio Construction Considerations


Concrete Patio Construction Considerations

Concrete patios offer many advantages, providing a more affordable, durable surface than wooden decking. However, careful construction is key to ensuring a lasting, low maintenance surface. What concrete patio construction considerations should you keep in mind when designing your patio addition?

The Right Mix for Concrete Strength

The professional in-house crews at American Asphalt understand how to formulate the concrete of your patio for strength. Our high strength patio concrete mixes start at 4,000 psi, including additives for freeze and thaw resistance to prevent cracking and safeguard the lifespan of your patio.

Reinforcements for Concrete Durability

Because during the winter the ground freezes and moves, your concrete patio should be poured at least four inches thick for durability and reinforced with rebar. At American Asphalt, we place rebar every three feet in a grid fashion. This design prevents control joints from opening, ensures the patio surface remains level, and helps your large patio withstand freeze-thaw cycle shifts. In some patio designs, our concrete craftsmen may also add synthetic fiber mesh evenly throughout the thickness of the slab for additional reinforcement.

Proper Site Preparation

Large patio projects such as restaurant patios and bar areas rely on proper site preparation to ensure lasting use. That’s why our concrete service professionals begin your installation with a thorough analysis of the concrete subsurface. For soil that is not uniform or compactible, we will remove 4-8 inches of soil and refill it with the proper base material to ensure a lasting patio surface.

Careful Finishing

American Asphalt can also add finishing touches to your concrete. These include sealer to bring out the color of decorative concrete and clear, lasting striping for sport courts and other venues.

Ensure your new patio addition will last for years to come. Choose a professional paving service that has the experience to handle your concrete patio construction considerations with ease. Contact American Asphalt at 800-541-5559 today.

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